How will Pakistan stay cool while keeping emissions in check?

In its updated NDC, Pakistan revealed it is working on a ‘Cooling Action Plan’. As the need for refrigeration and air conditioning grows, how will policymakers keep the sector in line with climate pledges?

Saquib Ali is an apprentice at Hi-Tech Electronics, one of a string of shops in Karachi’s Defence commercial area that specialise in repairing household appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators. “Most of my work comprises filling [appliances with] gas,” said Ali.

The “gas” he referred to is usually some type of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC), used as a refrigerant in fridges, deep freezers and ACs. As Pakistan’s summer months approach, his days have already become busy.

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Zofeen Ebrahim

Zofeen T Ebrahim is a freelance journalist based in Karachi and Pakistan Editor at She is the writer of leading international and national English newspapers, Dawn, The News, Guardian, Reuters. Her area of expertise is Climate change, WASH and social issues. Her work is accessible on all the newspaper outlets, and she is the recipient of many awards namely, APNS, Environmental Journalism, AGAHE etc.

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