Hafeez Tunio

Hafeez Tunio works as a reporter for The Express Tribune, Daily English newspaper affiliated with The International New York Times. Hafeez covers politics, environment, water and sanitation, human rights, minority and women issues. He says he wants to write on environmental issues because he loves nature - in spite of what it did to him.

Zofeen Ebrahim

Zofeen T Ebrahim is a freelance journalist based in Karachi and Pakistan Editor at She is the writer of leading international and national English newspapers, Dawn, The News, Guardian, Reuters. Her area of expertise is Climate change, WASH and social issues. Her work is accessible on all the newspaper outlets, and she is the recipient of many awards namely, APNS, Environmental Journalism, AGAHE etc.

Fariha Fatama

Fariha is currently working with ARY News as a web reporter and sub-editor, she is also a vlogger and in her vlogs, she captures social issues which usually neglected by mainstream media. She has received Agahi award, excellence in Journalism Award, Sustainable Development Journalism Award and also started a platform named Green Media Initiatives for the journalist.

Amar Guriro

Amar Guriro is a print media journalist, a blogger, photographer, multimedia producer and a professional fixer based in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.
Amar is currently associated with Independent Urdu, and he has contributed to several national and international publications, including BBC – Urdu, TheTimes (English), Himal SouthAsian, Nepal (English), Indian Marathi language paper Lokmat and also for Pakistani local and national newspapers.


Shahzada Irfan

Shahzada Irfan is currently responsible for writing news reports, covering daily events, occcasionally writing columns and maintaining a blog. My assignment is part of the 2009 Daniel Pearl Fellowsip, that brings mid-career journalists from developing Muslim countries to the United States, for a period of six months.

Mayra Imran

Myra Imran works as a staff reporter for The News in Islamabad and is an award-winning journalist. She is Joint Secretary for National Press Club, Islamabad.
Myra reports on human rights issues, including water and sanitation. Her expertise is on women issues. She was declared ‘Media Woman of the Year’ by the Excellence Award Foundation and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in 2009. The following year, she was presented the ‘Benazir Women in Leadership Award’ by the Ministry of Human Rights. In 2010 she directed a documentary on the post-earthquake situation in Balakot, one of the worst affected areas in the October 2005 earthquake.

Kalbe Ali

Reporter in Dawn

Zulfiqar Kunbhar

Mushtaq Yusufzai


Sara Akmal

Imrana Komal

Imrana Komal is a print media journalist; she works with the national Urdu daily Express. Imrana covers different issues, but her focus is to cover issues around women. She is extensively writing WASH issues faced by women of southern Punjab. She is the author of a book and also travelled extensively for trainings around journalistic practices.

Ayesha Javed

Aoun Sahi

Aoun Sahi is a print media journalist based in Islamabad, Pakistan. He is working with The News on Sunday, the weekend magazine of The News International, since 2003 as a reporter. A Daniel Pearl and Alfred Friendly Press fellow 2010, Sahi worked with The Wall Street Journal as a reporter for six months as part of the fellowship. He is also WaterAid Pakistan’s media fellow since 2010. He covers crime, environment, water and sanitation, militancy, politics, security, and social issues.
He has also contributed to Newsline, Agence France Presse, Inter Press Service and Western newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times, Sunday Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.

Syed Muhammad Abubakar

Syed Abu Bakar is an award-winning Environmental Journalist and writes stories on climate change, deforestation, global warming, sustainability, food security, urban resilience and biodiversity conservation in the leading dailies of Pakistan to raise environmental awareness and to urge policy-makers for greater environmental action. He has won three awards in the categories of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Water Diplomacy and Disaster and Catastrophe, and is the only one to win three AGAHI awards this year 2016.



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